New Scouts and Families

Dear New Scouts and Parents,

Welcome to Troop 62!  We are very happy you’ve decided to join us for years of fun-filled and exciting activities. We believe in the BSA philosophy of developing a young man’s leadership skills by providing him opportunities to plan, organize, and lead troop and patrol activities. Troop 62 is “Scout led” or “boy-run”, meaning the boys take on all the responsibilities from initial planning to final execution; under the careful eyes of experienced Scouts and Adult Leaders. We, as trained leaders, play a vital role as mentors, advisors and safety monitors. Scouting is a family activity that works best when all participate in the Scouting experience. Parents are highly encouraged to stay for the entire time for your first meeting so we can get to know you and help answer any of your questions or concerns.

You should have received a Welcome Packet by now that will help you and your son transition into Boy Scouting smoothly. If you have not, please send an email to and it'll be sent to you by email.  Please take the time to review the entire Welcome Packet as it has been put together to answer most of your questions; including ones you don't even know to ask yet.  Katie Bradeen is our Membership Chair and will help you and your family as you transition into the Troop, but our other adult leaders as also eager to help, so just ask.

Completing the required forms before attending your first meeting  will assist us greatly in making the transition smooth and ensuring you gain access to the private website which includes vital Troop communications.

Thank you again for joining Troop 62, we look forward to getting to know you and your family. Through the dedicated efforts of all our families, the boys, and you, we will provide your family the best that the Boy Scouts of America has to offer. We look forward to seeing you at the next troop meeting.


Robert Nieves                         Jim Frederick
Committee Chair                     Scoutmaster
(719) 373-7138                        (719)659-6331    

Early rank requirement videos:

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